Q & A Session


Value creation including creation of jobs and wealth always drove me. At Amazon, as a finance guy, had the opportunity to get exposed to other functions. Slight comfort zone had developed and I was wanting to relocate to India. Had no jewellery background yet was aware it was a challenging opportunity. 



Initial years

Setting up business in India is challenging hence the ground work was critical. Devil was in detailing. There was a cut down in our lifestyle. At the start being frugal helps for almost 3 years before drawing any big salary. Finding people was difficult as you don’t find many risk takers. Convincing the first investor was a tall task. 



What’s helped sustain

Team connect was high initially because of the size but it takes time to transfer the passion to the team. Processes were put in place and mistakes were allowed to happen. Documentation of best practices was initiated. India is a diverse country hence being region specific helped. 



Keeping me awake

The enormity of the market potential that India offers. To continuously learn and innovate as the bar keeps rising. Lastly, staying ahead of competition and delivering a great experience to customers. 




Initially, living was for work only and other aspects of life got affected. Realized soon that a disciplined life would be required. Started doing one hour of gym in the morning which would keep me energized through the day. I am very particular about lunch and dinner timings. A 30 minute drive in the city with the family after dinner is a daily habit. And 15 minutes of day’s recap before going to bed. I spend 2 hours on reading. And keep a smilies chart to keep track of the To Dos. 



Advice to Young entrepreneurs
Discipline is paramount and one can surpass intelligent people with it. Important to realize that what has brought us here can’t take us ahead. Hence continous innovation and improvenent is a must. 

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