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I had almost joined a beverage major before meeting my co founder, Chirag. Parking was never seen as an opportunity and we realized it is a growing problem everywhere. Technology could be leveraged to provide solution and that’s how Get My Parking was born. We received initial angel funding. Competition was working on a B2C model while we wanted to go from B2B to B2C which was vetted by investors as well. 

Initial years

We started reaching out to parking operators and there was huge traction in digitizing parking lots in NCR. Ujjain Kumbh Mela was the first big break where we were to work on a parking area for 2 lac cars spread across 400 acres. Our product was portable and scalable, hence easy to execute. We got more funding over the next two years and we also became one of the preferred partners for the Smart Cities project. Towards end of 2017, we got selected by Europe’s No.1 car parking operator, APCOA, for providing our tech platform across 13 countries. We have now brought modularity in the platform which makes it more agile. 

Road ahead

Over the next 3-5 years, we wish to connect with Auto majors where in the parking app will be part of the car at the manufacturing stage. Increasingly, cars will become an entity as we head towards a world of driverless cars. Parking lots will need to become machines too and talk to the cars. We are all excited. 

Sleepless nights 

For us, the 75 member strong team is top of our agenda. And for that there is continuous focus on culture building. We wish to keep our roots intact. And over a period of time, we wish to outdo ourselves. 

Mantras for aspiring entrepreneurs

Need to have tons of strategic thinking mindset. And linked to that is execution. The work culture is equally important and that should include the last guy in the chain. Lastly, patience and perseverance will be the differentiator.   

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